Our philosophy is best described in the words of our Chairman, Mr. C Raghunatha Reddy:
“While we deliver a product to a customer, what we are actually delivering/giving is our Service”
Mr. C Raghunatha Reddy completed his Masters in Engineering at the ETH- Zurich, he then worked in the field of Thermodynamics for a number of years in Switzerland. He returned to India with a dream of setting up a company which would be at par with the best in the world. Our group companies were born out of these ideals in 1964. Plasma Private Limited, was established in 1996 with a vision to give specializied services to our existing and prospective clients.

Today, the company is managed by a team of experienced professionals and is led by our Managing Director, Mr. Prithvi C Reddy.

The company over the years had catered exclusively to the needs of the domestic Indian market in the fields of machine tools, aeronautics, electronics and hydraulics.

In the year 1997 , Plasma extended its reach overseas, to the machine tool industry in Switzerland. By developing various parts for a customer manufacturing Hydraulic Bending Machines.

In 1999 components for 2 OEM Automobile manufacturers in the UK were developed by us. Having progressed to developing several components, we were asked to develop an “850 cc All Aluminum Petrol Engine” for the UK market. This was successfully launched in the year 2000.

In the year 2001 , we developed various precision-machined castings ( both Aluminium and Cast Iron) in addition to other precision parts for our customer in the US manufacturing Hydraulic Pumps and Valves.

In 2003 we developed parts for our customer in Austria , manufacturing Cartridge valves and Power packs.

In 2004 we developed various high precision parts for our customer in the UK , manufacturing Ultra High Vaccum equipments.

We are presently developing parts required for our customer in Japan manufacturing machine tools.


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